How to Make Money through Online Paid Surveys

In a bid to save time and to some extent money, many companies are slowing leaning towards online market research. Online Paid Surveys is one such way that companies use to gain in-depth information regarding their products and services from the consumer’s point of view. The consumer also gets  a chance to earn money or points for each survey that they fill out and submit.

An online paid survey is basically used to collect quantitative information about a consumer’s behavior regarding a given product an/or service. It is also meant to ascertain the economic habits of a consumer. Research companies use online paid surveys when they need opinions from a demographic that they cannot physically reach. They, therefore, offer cash incentives to respondents in return for their feedback, hence online paid survey.

Online paid survey is generally a data collection method where individuals are paid for participating. The more survey forms a participant fills and submits, the more money they earn. Filling out surveys cannot be considered as a full time job because it does not take long to fill one. Participants, therefore, can treat online surveys as a supplemented income method. Participants are, however, warned to be on the look out for survey scams, where you are asked to pay in order to join the panel. A legitimate survey does not need credit card information from participants.

Online Paid Surveys in Kenya

Filling out an online paid survey is one of the guaranteed ways of earning money online because it does not rely on skills, research or experience as other online jobs. It also takes less time to fill and submit a survey. The following are ways you can make money online through online paid surveys:

Create an account

The first step towards making money online through paid surveys is creating an account. Once you have identified the company(ies) that you would like to participate in their surveys, you simply sign p for an account with them, answer the preliminary screening questions that they may ask and then sit back and wait for any survey opportunities to be emailed to you. In many cases, surveys will be available to you as soon as you sign up.

Make Money with Offers

Unrealistic as it may sound, there are companies that actually pay customers for trying out their products and services. This is one way you can earn money through online paid surveys. The company that gives you the offer are seeking to know the impact that their product or service has on the consumer and the consumer gets paid for it! To participate, simply complete the free offers and get paid without spending any money from your wallet. There are a number of offer companies on the internet. Simply sign up with them and get paid anytime you try out their offers.

Get paid to take Surveys

Companies usually need to take surveys in order to ascertain how the products and/or services they offer are impacting the society. Most companies today offer paid surveys in order to get the response faster. A participant can therefore take advantage of these paid surveys and earn some cash by simply giving an opinion. Paid surveys do not take a lot of time, usually between 5-5 minutes, depending on the product/service being surveyed. This means you can take a short break from what you are doing and participate in an online paid survey. The payment also depends on what the company in question offers.

Get paid to shop!

Yes, there are companies that pay consumers for shopping! How do you like the sound of that? In order to participate in this, you need to search online for retailers who pay back their customers for shopping. Retailers offer cash back to their customers on products bought after a given time, say one year, or twice a year or quarterly. Cash back is a partial reimbursement for the total money you have spent within a period of time. You can redeem your cash back in 3 ways:

  1. Monetary reimbursement where a cheque is sent to you reflecting the total amount you have been reimbursed;
  2. A statement credit where the cashback is deducted from your credit card bill; and
  3. Rewards points where your cash back is tallied in points, then you can redeem the points for statement credits, gift cards or travel and more.

Make Money with Online Paid Surveys

Earn cash through referrals

A lot of businesses today are scrambling to get new customers and stay on the edge of competition. This poses an opportunity for users to earn some hard cash. You simply create a link and share it with your friends. You get paid for referring others and you also get paid when the people under your link refer it to others too. So to get more money, you ensure you refer a lot of people and encourage them to refer others. Sending  business to new and potential customers can be a big money maker for some people who take it seriously.

Get paid for interacting with others

Who knew that one could be paid for socializing, playing games and winning contests? Well, that is another way companies use to survey the impact of their products. They encourage consumers to come together on a social platform and discuss about a product/service. In the process, the company gets its feedback while the participants get their money for participating. They can also organize online contests in order to get more people to participate and the winners are rewarded. Gamers also get the chance to test a new game and give their opinion about it.

The above listed are some of the ways a consumer can earn money only through online paid surveys. Each survey varies in length and compensation, depending on what the given company is willing to spend. It is however obvious to know which surveys are worth taking because the companies usually list out the reward as well as the estimated time for completion, giving you a chance to select the one you want to fill out and submit, depending on your schedule.

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