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Every research survey has a pre-determined set of required numbers of participants from each and every category being studied. Males, Females, Age brackets, Income groups etc. Based on your answers to the screening questions, you fit the bill of those we were talking to today. However you fall within a category that has already been fully covered by other people like yoou who have responded just a bit earlier. It is because of this that we do not feel it would be appropriate for you to proceed with the survey so you have been directed to this end page.

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While you will be withdrawing your funds to M-Pesa, we are sending all withdrawals to your email adress via PayPal. ( You will then be able to withdraw these finds to your phone using the paypal to MPesa website or to your Equity bank account if you are a member. As such, it is important to register on paypal with your panel email or add it to your Paypal account if you already have one as explained here: